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We Support the International Myeloma Foundation

We Support the International Myeloma Foundation

Dec 13th 2019

Botanical Animal Flower Essences specializes in all-natural flower essences for pets. We believe in the power of these flower essences and their vibrational patterns to help animals with emotional and behavioral issues. First created in the 1930s, flower essences have been helping grateful pet owners with many issues, such as separation anxiety, stress, and concentration during training. Our flower essence products help hundreds of pets lead a better quality of life. This is thanks to our creator who sadly has recently passed away after a battle with Multiple Myeloma. In her honor and in honor of other family members who also have suffered from this disease, we are donating a portion of our profits every year to the International Myeloma Foundation. They all loved animals, especially horses and dogs. Below, we’ll review this wonderful organization and why you should help. Contact us today to learn more!


The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) was founded in 1990 with the goal of providing support and information for family members of loved ones recently diagnosed with myeloma, supporting the caregivers of those diagnosed with myeloma, and provides information for doctors and nurses treating patients with myeloma, which is a rare cancer of plasma cells in bone marrow.

What is Myeloma?

Myeloma is called multiple because it often occurs in multiple areas of the bone marrow at once. Common areas these diseased cells attack are the spine, skull, pelvis, rib cage, shoulders, and hips. Multiple Myeloma causes other medical conditions, such as anemia, low white blood cell and/or platelet production, kidney disease, and others.

Of course, early diagnosis is essential for your chances of beating it and of reducing complications. Some common symptoms include:

  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Restless
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Pain in your bones where myeloma tends to attack, especially in your back, ribs, and skull
  • Numbness in your legs
  • Chronic thirst
  • Constipated

Multiple Myeloma is frequently diagnosed by blood tests, urine tests, and a bone marrow test. Doctors are unsure as to what causes Myeloma, which is why it is so hard to treat. What doctors do know is that it tends to develop in older Americans, with more than half of those diagnosed each year being over the age of 65. It is more common in those of African descent, and it’s slightly more common in men.

There are many treatment options available, depending on what stage you are in, including chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, radiation, and more. The good news is that death rates have been falling yearly, at an annual percentage rate of .8% from 2004-2013. This means more people have a higher likelihood to survive.


Pet owners around the world are grateful for flower essences and how they help their pets with anxiety, frustrations, and nervousness. Our creator played a big part in bringing this amazing all-natural gift to many. You can honor her memory by supporting research to find a cure for Multiple Myeloma by supporting the International Myeloma Foundation. Each year, their research gives hope to both those suffering from Myeloma and their families that a cure will be found and better treatments can be discovered. As a non-profit, every dollar you give is used towards fighting this disease in some manner or supporting those currently fighting it.

There are many ways you can help besides financially. You can start or join a local support group for those suffering from myeloma to make a real impact in your local community. You can lobby your congressional representative to support cancer research. Or, you can simply spread the word about the IMF, which is what Botanical Animal Flower Essences intends to do in addition to donations. Another great way to help is to support the caregivers of those who are fighting Myeloma. Caregivers are on the front line of this disease by helping Myeloma patients get to their doctor’s appointments, prepare them food, and coordinate care and services. These people have huge hearts and deserve support as well.

You won’t find a more wonderful cause to give your donation dollars to. Visit their website, or support them by supporting us and purchasing your pet calming drops here at Botanical Animal Flower Essences. By spreading the word about us, you’ll be helping the IMF as well. Contact us today to learn more!