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Flower Essence Tips

QUICK TIPS to Get the Most Out of Your Flower Essences

Ensure that your pet get the most benefit from your Botanical Animal Flower Essences so that you both live a happy, balanced life. Here are some easy tips to implement when you use the Flower Essences:


dropper-small.png ADMINISTER ORALLY - Flower Essences are most effective when directly administered in the mouth. However, there are other modes of administration if this is not feasible. For more methods of administration, see below.
SUCCUSS BEFORE USE - Succuss, don’t shake. Tap the bottom of your Flower Essence bottle firmly on the palm of your hand vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds.
x-icon.png DO NOT INCREASE DOSAGE - More is not better! There’s no advantage to increasing dosage of Flower Essences. Efficacy improves by increasing intervals of use. For dosages, see the chart below.
timer-icon-small.png BE CONSISTENT - When using daily, set a regular interval that works for you and your pet. During more challenging times, use 3 to 4 times per day if possible. If using situationally, such as during competition or before car rides, use regularly before each event, 1-hour prior.
no-sun-icon.png STORE PROPERLY - Keep out of direct sunlight and heat. Keep away from electronic devices or magnets, including microwaves. You can refrigerate but don’t freeze.


Dosage Chart

While oral administration is the most effective, there are many different ways to administer Flower Essences.

Depending on what administration method you choose, the dose of Flower Essences you use may change. See the chart below for dosing. And remember, efficacy doesn't increase with a larger dose, it increases with more regular intervals of use.


 Oral Dosage - Administering Flower Essences directly in the mouth is the most effective method of administration. Follow the dosing instructions above.

Tip: Keep glass dropper clean to ensure that your Flower Essences remain viable as long as possible. Rinse thoroughly after administration. When possible, clean with distilled water.

Tip: If your animal is not accepting of the dropper, some people find spraying the Flower Essences directly into the mouth helpful.

Add to Water - For ease and convenience, Flower Essences can be added to your animals water bowl or bucket. Make sure that the water stays clean and fresh. Every time you provide fresh water to your animal, add the dosage above to the fresh water.

Tip: If you have multiple animals with access to the same water bucket that you are administering the Flower Essences, don't worry! If the essence does not address the other animal’s needs, it will not impact them in any negative way.

Apply to Food: The least effective way to use the essences is by placing it on an animal's feed or on a soft treat. This is due to two main reasons. First, it is believed that homeopathic remedies should not be given within 10 minutes before a meal or one hour after a meal - flower essences should follow this same rule. Secondly, Flower Essences are often absorbed into food and never come in contact with the animal’s mucous membranes prior to ingestion, therefore lessening their chance of reaching the bloodstream. If you do choose to administer through food, use a hard treat that won't quickly absorb the Flower Essences. Follow the same dosing directions as oral administration in the chart above.

Topically: You may add the essence to your liniment, shampoo or massage oil and rub it into your animal’s skin, below the hair level. For animals like cats; it is very common to rub into their ears or drop Flower Essences directly on their paws. This allows them to  lick up the remedy on their own, or it will get absorbed through their skin.

As a Mist (for animals that are difficult to dose by mouth): We suggest that you add 3-4 drops to 8 ounces of purified or spring water in a spray bottle (preferably with an atomizer spray top). Spray directly in the air, in and around the animal’s nose, mouth, or ears or on top of their paws, paw pads or hooves. You can use the spray on their favorite toys, bedding and blankets.