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Botanical Animal Flower Essences have been helping animals face common emotional and behavioral challenges for over 25 years. Our flower essences were originally formulated by Stacey Small, who commissioned the help of top herbalists, veterinarians, and animal behaviorists to ensure that Botanical Animal Flower Essences were perfectly blended.

Using the principles of Dr. Edward Bach, Stacey set out to develop flower essences that were focused on the emotional challenges of animals. Flower essences help to change the underlying emotions of animals, release unwanted patterns, and then work to attract the wanted behavior.

Botanical Animal Flower Essences’ mission is to ensure that every animal lives the happiest life possible, naturally. We strive to provide safe, easy to use, natural solutions for pets and their owners. Our flower essences never contain dyes, fillers, flavorings, or any other unnatural alternatives. They are non-toxic, and our flower essences for pets are compatible with all other treatments your pet may be undergoing. You can rest assured that your pet will be receiving the highest quality, all-natural ingredients to help your pet release any pent up emotions and feel better soon.

Most of us get caught up in caring for our pets’ physical health. What is often overlooked is their emotional and mental health. By using Botanical Animal Flower Essences, you’ll see an improvement in mood and behaviors. We also find that physical ailments are linked to behavioral and emotional changes and that addressing them can help improve physical issues as well.

Flower essences could be the solution you have been seeking for your pet’s ailments and struggles. Visit our shop page today!

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