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shop all - safe simple natural - flower essencesBotanical Animal Flower Essences provides a wide variety of products for the behavioral and emotional challenges facing your pet. It can be difficult for our animals to adapt to living in our human world, but we can help them through it. Whether your pet is experiencing anxiety, trying to overcome a traumatic past, having difficulty focusing, or in has a fear of loud noises - from anxious to zealous, we have a remedy for that. Any type of animal, of any age or breed can benefit from flower essences.

Shop all our homeopathic flower essences, including our kits that perfectly pair our remedies to address targeted challenges your pet might be facing. Our formulas are oil-free, CBD-free, alcohol free, 100% natural, non-allergenic, and made right here in the USA. These formulas are easy to use and simple to integrate into your animal’s routine.

Why Flower Essences?

Flower essences are liquid plant preparations made from the fresh flowers blossoms of a plant that have been used for nearly 90 years to help positively affect the moods, behaviors, and thought processes of living beings. The flowers and plants used to make flower essences imprint fresh spring water with their vibrational patterning to provide a positive energetic shift to animals. This means that flower essences can help animals view situations differently, manage their emotions easier, and move forward from mental blocks preventing healthy relationships. 

Why Botanical Animal Flower Essences?

We developed our flower essence formulas over 25 years ago. Our formulas are specifically designed to address common behavioral and emotional challenges that face animals, especially with having to adjust to our human world. Our formulas have helped animals of all types, from cats and dogs, to camels and elephants (yes!). Our proprietary formulas not only provide unique combinations of flower essences but are also alcohol (brandy) free, making them the safest option for any animal, of any age.