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How To Manage PTSD In Dogs Naturally

How To Manage PTSD In Dogs Naturally

Feb 24th 2020

In a previous blog, we discussed how PTSD manifests itself in dogs. If you are a dog owner who has reason to believe your dog is experiencing PTSD, or you have consulted with a veterinarian to know that that is indeed the case, here are some natural remedies to manage PTSD for your dog.

How To Help A Dog With PTSD

When you are dealing with a dog that is either extremely stressed, anxious, or experiencing PTSD, help them to the best of your abilities and remember: these are not immediate solutions rather than the first steps to help your dog become progressively less prone to PTSD symptoms.

1. Keep Calm

Your dog reacts and feeds off of your moods and stress. Remember to remain patient and calm to best help them come out of their anxious shell long enough to begin making progress. Be as calm and reassuring as you can manage so your dog knows they are safe, and able to unwind so you can begin to make progress together.

2. Create A Safe Space

While you as the owner need to remain calm, you will also want to foster an environment that is safe for your dog as well. Starting with the whole house may be a big stretch for your dog initially. Start with a dog bed in one room and leave your dog to get comfortable with that area for a few days or more. Then, consider moving the dog bed to other parts of the house, slowly introducing the environment to your pet. Over time, your dog will come to know your house as a safe space as a whole and may feel more at ease outside of the house as well.

When you are creating this safe space for your pet, make sure the area is free of anything they may perceive as a potential danger. Anywhere with loud noises, too many people, or other factors that may be anxiety-inducing are places to save for later.

3. Come Up With A Daily Routine

Dogs, like people, need a routine to find their balance and have some sense of predictability to take any stress away. A schedule for your dog can include set feeding times, daily walks, playtime, or quiet time on the couch. Taking away any ambiguity and surprise will help your dog keep calm, and eventually adjust to activities they are not usually used to overtime.

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