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How to Help Your Pet With Stress

How to Help Your Pet With Stress

Jul 10th 2019

Pets can become stressed just as much as humans can. This can be due to a myriad of factors, from a change in their environment to a change in their routine. We can help our pets deal with stress in many ways.

Botanical Animal Flower Essences specializes in offering calming remedies for dogs and flower essences for anxiety for pets. We offer many varieties that are specific to problems your dog, cat, or horse may be dealing with. We also offer flower essence kits that have the perfect combination of flower essences for common issues that your pet may be dealing with. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to help your pet with stress. Contact us today to get started!


Physical Touch

The sense of touch is one of the ways we engage with our environment. It is soothing and very calming. If you think of a human baby, when they cry and you pick them up, they usually instantly calm down because they sense you are there to protect them and take care of them. The same goes for your cat or dog as well. This is one of the reasons your cat or dog loves to be petted. It sends the signal to their brains that you are there for them, that you care for them, and that you will provide them with their every need.

You may have seen wraps being sold for dogs who are scared of thunder. The reason these work is because it gives your dog the same safe feeling when it is wrapped and secure. It applies gentle, constant pressure to simulate the effects of a hug, which releases oxytocin and other chemicals that help to reduce stress.

Playing Music

Using another sensory organ, the sense of hearing, to calm your pet can be quite effective. Dogs and cats have an incredible sense of hearing. They can hear noises that are much higher in frequency that we can, as well as those that are much lower. Thus, if your dog is constantly exposed to a noisy environment, it can cause stress and actually hurt their ears. Since we don’t hear the noise, we may not understand that that is what is causing your pet anxiety. However, it’s important to be cognizant of the body language signals that your pet is sending out.

That being said, pets, like humans, are soothed by low, quiet music. Botanical Animal Flower Essences notes that classical music works the best, but white noise works well, too. Music with a regular tone, tempo, pattern, and frequency usually yield the best results. Many people leave music on while they are away, which helps calm your pet if they suffer from any sort of separation anxiety issues.


Exercise, just like in humans, causes us to release the “feel good” chemical, or serotonin, that is frequently referred to as runner’s high. After exercise, we feel good due to these chemicals in our bloodstream. Because of this, feelings of depression and anxiety are pushed away. The same is true in dogs and cats. Playing with your pets helps them to not only feel loved by you, but also to get out all of their energy. It’s a great all-around stress reliever for your pets.

Make a Quiet Place for Them

Like children, dogs and cats can be overstimulated by their environment, in part from their extra sensory abilities, but also by the human world. And if you have little kids who are constantly playing with your pets without giving them a break, it’s probably a good idea to allow your dog or cat some quiet time when you sense they need it. Botanical Animal Flower Essences notes that some common signs of pet anxiety include: pacing, repetitive behavior, restlessness, destroying items in your home, panting, or urinating in the house. Putting your pets in a separate room will give them time to tap a nap, relax, and not be stimulated by human needs.

Crate Training

Most people think of crate training as just for puppies who are potty training. While this is one of the best ways to potty train your puppy, crates also serve an innate desire of dogs to find a den, or a place where they can retreat to and feel safe. By leaving your crate door open at all times and filling it with your dog’s favorite blankets and toys, they will automatically go there when they are feeling stressed out.

Show Them Love

Let’s face it, dogs (and yes, cats) just want to be with us and have affection from us. When you think your pet is feeling stressed, pick them up (or bend over if your dog is too big to pick up), and give them a hug. They will sense your affection and immediately feel relief. Pet your dog or cat and spend time with them. This truly is the best remedy for their anxiety.


Botanical Animal Flower Essences offers flower essences for anxiety in your pet. Our flower essences are all-natural ways to help your dog or cat with anxiety. Our flower essences are formulated for specific situations or anxiety issues. For example, our Clear Thinking flower essence allows your dog to concentrate while in training. Mellow Out flower essence promotes relaxation. Easy Does It flower essence helps pets with destructive tendencies.

Flower essences are water that has been infused with the blossoms of different plants and then steeped in the sun, leaving behind their energetic pattern, which is what helps to influence your pet’s behavior. Flower essences treat behavioral issues, which are often symptoms of deeper, underlying physical issues.

Botanical Animal Flower Essences invites you to visit our website, and order flower essences to help your pet cope with anxiety in an all-natural, non-sedative way. From cat calming drops to pet calming drops and natural dog anxiety supplements, we’ve gotten you taken care of. Order yours today!