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Calming Supplements For Dogs: 4 Key Stress-Management Tips

Calming Supplements For Dogs: 4 Key Stress-Management Tips

May 24th 2019

Us humans may experience stress in multiple forms including work-related stress, strained relationships, complicated family matters, sitting in traffic, and other unideal situations. As unpleasant as dealing with stress can be, it’s a necessary part of life and doing so often makes you a stronger, more resilient person.

Now, humans aren’t the only ones that experience stress. Animals experience stress too, and whether you have a cat, dog, or a farm animal such as a horse, chicken, or a goat, you may be surprised to discover that these guys aren’t immune from stress and anxiety.

Calming Remedies For Pets You Can Trust

In the interest of naturally improving your pet’s quality of life — as well as their subsequent longevity and peace of mind — Botanical Animal® Flower Essences provides calming supplements for dogs and other soothing pet health products designed to help reduce your pet’s stress levels.

Using only the finest, naturally sourced ingredients from our array of individual flower essences and flower essence kits, we take great pride in helping you and your pet. In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at four other ways to help your pet manage stress and experience calm and serenity during stressful times, so keep reading below to learn more.

All-Natural Stress Reduction For Pets: 4 Effective Ways

Know What to Look For and When to Act

Sometimes, the best way to help your pet navigate stressful situations is simply to know when they’re stressed and to know what they’re going through. Though empathy alone won’t completely dissipate their stress, a calm look into their eyes and soft pets can go a long way in helping your cat, dog, or farm animal relax.

Typical symptoms of pet anxiety and stress include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

  • Repetitive behavior
  • Rapid shuffling, pacing
  • Digging with paws or clawing at objects
  • General fidgeting and restlessness
  • Abnormal destructive behavior
  • Excessive panting and subsequent drooling
  • Trouble using the “bathroom”

These stress and anxiety symptoms are almost always a result of a direct, attributable cause. By doing what you can to prevent or even outright eliminate the cause of their stress, you’re addressing the issue head-on to the point where no further remedies may be required.

Factors and situations such as thunderstorms, firework shows, new people visiting, moving, new pets, nearby construction noises, nail trimming, vet appointments, or other new/foreign things may be the cause of your pet’s uneasiness. Try your best to correlate, and go from there to identify the root problem.

Play With Them and Pet Them

Most dogs love pets — who would’ve known! Many cats don’t even mind being pet; some cats will even hop directly in your lap seeking attention depending on their temperament. The power of reassuring, gentle touch from someone your pet trusts (i.e. you) can work wonders in helping them relax and calm down, especially during an objectively stressful situation such as a big storm or a large, hectic family dinner.

There are even methods of tactile-based therapy that utilize ace bandages and Thundershirts that work to “hug” your pet and help them feel safe. Again, tactility is a proven method in reassuring your pet and letting them know that they’re safe, comfortable, and that everything will be alright. Even if they’re needy and you’re busy, do your best to make yourself or another trusted family member available.

Play Gentle, Soothing Music

While touch produces a fountain of sensory input, audio also works as a powerful sensory force that can result in a variety of effects both intentional and unintentional. Calming, relaxing soundscapes used for meditation generally work very well to help drown outside noise and help promote a sense of calmness in your pet, especially if they notice that you too are calm. Downtempo beats are also great. Music is subjective, so what constitutes as “calming” may vary but be sure to change what you’re playing if your pet isn’t reacting positively.

Many pets also respond quite well to classical music, and you can even go to YouTube or Spotify and type in something to the effect of “calming music for dogs [or cats].”

Give Them Tasty Treats (Without Overdoing It)

Treats! Whether canine, feline, equine, or human, we all love a good snack. Eating something delicious simply makes us feel good, and though it’s typical to lose your appetite when you’re anxious or stressed (sometimes stress makes us eat more), you might want to consider using treats in combination with a soft, gentle touch to help soothe your pet. At the very least, your dog’s food-driven mind will be distracted from whatever is stressing them out by eating a treat.

Though CBD is generally much more expensive compared to our flower essences for pets, you may want to consider supplementing CBD or feeding your dog or cat CBD pet treats.

Give Your Pet The Best Life They Deserve With Our Line of Calming Supplements

The unconditional love and compassion your pet provides on a daily basis can’t ever be repaid, but at the very least, you can help your stressed-out cat, dog, or other farm animal live a good life by employing this stress reduction tips. Our Panic Attack and Mellow Out are also great ways to help mitigate and even outright eliminate stress and anxiety, so visit those product pages and consider giving them a try!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Botanical Animal Flower Essences at (866)-298-3613.