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A Guide To Training a Rescue Cat

A Guide To Training a Rescue Cat

Oct 10th 2019

Pets are some of our greatest possessions. They enrich our lives to the point most of us cannot express. They bring us joy and sometimes sorrow. They make us laugh and sometimes cry. They provide stress relief and can get us excited. However, the best thing our pets give us is their undying love.

However, not every pet is fortunate enough to find a loving home. In fact, over 6.5 million pets enter animal shelters every year, split almost equally between dogs and cats. Admittedly, not all of these animals have been abused or neglected but some have. Luckily, many of these animals do find a forever home when people adopt from their local shelter

Botanical Animal Flower Essences loves animals of all kinds, which is why we created our flower essences as part of our pet care products. Flower essences have been around for decades. They are made by steeping flower parts in water and letting it sit in the sunlight. This causes the energetic patterns of the flowers to enter the water, and when ingested, they can influence your pet’s behavior. Below, we’ll go over some tips on how to train your new rescue cat or kitten. Contact us today to get started!


Give Your Cat Time to Adjust

Cats, by nature, are finicky. They are very territorial, which is why they aren’t great travelers. They don’t like to leave their territory once marked (did you ever wonder why cats rub up against things constantly? They are leaving their scent behind and marking their territory!). Thus, when you bring home a rescue cat expect to give it some time to adjust to its surroundings. In fact, Botanical Animal Flower Essences recommends that you confine your cat to one room for a few days, so you don’t overwhelm the cat with the vastness of your space. Ensure it has cat litter and food in the room. Then visit your cat often to make sure they are adjusting. Then, let your rescue cat out to explore their new home!

Training to Use the Litter Box

When training your rescue cat, you’ll want to start small and not train a bunch of different commands that will overwhelm your cat. Of paramount importance, of course, is the cat litter. You’ll need a big enough cat litter box for your cat, as well as one that will allow your cat to cover its waste. Also, choose an out-of-the-way place that is quiet as cats don’t like to be disturbed when they’re in a vulnerable position, such as using the bathroom. Luckily, a litter box is the perfect material that cats love to do their business in, so usually instinct takes over, and it’s just a matter of your rescue cat remembering where the litter box is for training to kick in.

Similar to a rescue puppy, you bring your cat to the litter box when you think they have to go, so after naps, first thing in the morning, and after feeding time. Botanical Animal Flower Essences notes that consistency is key when training your cat to use the litter box.

Food Talks

One of the best ways to train your rescue cat is to reward them when they do a behavior you are desiring. You, of course, never want to punish your cat for not understanding what you want it to do (after all, your cat doesn’t speak human). Food can reinforce the desired behavior and send a signal to your rescue cat that this is, indeed, what you are looking for. A clicker combined with treats is a great idea as well that further reinforces the behavior you are seeking. Thus, if you want to train your cat to come, you would make a sound, preferably a distinct noise, before you open the treats. Your cat will begin to associate that noise with coming to you for food. Thus, you can then train your cat to come no matter where you are in the house. Botanical Animal Flower Essences only recommends two training sessions a day for your rescue cat and less than five minutes. Do this consistently, and your rescue cat will be eating out of the palm of your hand — literally!


Botanical Animal Flower Essences offers flower essence therapy for rescue cats. Flower essences are cat calming drops that work to soothe your cat’s anxiety when it is out of its elements. While flower essences are not meant specifically for physical issues, sometimes the physical issue is being caused by an underlying emotional issue that our cat calming drops can help alleviate. Our Angel of Mercy was created specifically with rescue animals and adopted animals in mind. These cat calming drops can help to comfort your cat as it makes the transition to your home and can help it move on from their previous life. Furthermore, we offer a Rebound and Rescue Kit that can help with panic attacks and crises as well as your cat transitions.

Flower essence therapy is an all-natural remedy for your pet that can lead to a better quality of life. As humans, it’s hard for us to know when our animals are stressed out, which is why we have to look for signs in our pets, such as using the bathroom outside of the cat litter box. With Botanical Animal Flower Essences’ flower essence therapy, you can rest assured that your rescue cat can have a great adjustment to your home. Contact us today to get started!