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For over 20 years, Botanical Animal Flower Essences has been providing a simple solution to pet owners for common behavioral issues and emotional challenges facing their pets. Botanical Animal Flower Essences are easy to administer, completely natural, and safe to use on any type of animal. 

Just like us, our animals can struggle to manage their emotions when they are stressed, nervous, or frustrated. Often we see our pets exhibit their fears, anxiety, or anger in physical manifestations such as chewing, biting, barking, hyperactivity, and more. Botanical Animal Flower Essences naturally help your animal to manage their emotions and allow them to relax, stay calm, and think through the challenges they're facing.

Whether you’re welcoming home a new cat, struggling with separation anxiety in your dog, or need your new puppy to focus during their training sessions, Botanical Animal Flower Essences can help. We want every animal to be a Naturally Happy Animal.

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