Mellow Out

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Product Description

Relaxation can be difficult for any of us to achieve, including your animals. Anxiety and stress are caused by a wide range of situations for our animals and, while yoga and meditation may work for us, it’s a bit more difficult for our pets to implement.

Mellow Out is a simple and safe way to help your animal relax in a multitude of situations, without altering their personality or having a tranquilizing effect. Mellow is a natural formula that helps your animal:

  • Calm nerves or edgy feelings
  • Manage anxiety or overactivity, especially at heightened times
  • Reduce over-reacting to stimuli and tendencies to lose control
  • Ease feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Provide relief during challenges such as thunderstorms, fireworks, competition, and more

Relaxing your animal doesn’t have to change who they are, it simply means making them more comfortable in the situation they are in. Mellow Out provides simple and natural relaxation without medication or worry of overdose and negative interactions. It is safe and gentle for any situation, for any animal of any age.

Mellow Out is one of our most popular Flower Essences and is commonly paired with one or two other Flower Essences to help pet owners relax their animal while also aiding them through emotional and behavioral challenges. Mellow Out pairs well with any other Flower Essences but most often with Ego Builder, Sibling Rivalry, Clear Thinking, Independence, and/or Panic Attack.



  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Width: 6 in
  • Depth: 8 in
  • Height: 3 in

4 reviews

July 4th and horses

Posted by on October 7, 2018

I have used Mellow Out on my horses on July 4th for a few years now. It keeps then calm enough during the early stages of fire works but I still have to give them something heavier and shut the barn up tight when the fireworks get crazy. We keep them in the suburbs of St. Louis. It is great for my needs.

Calming Mellow Out

Posted by Lillie Meehan on October 7, 2018

I love this product for my two rescue dogs. They are a bit excitable at bedtime. This helps them to calm down and get a good nights sleep.

Not so mellow

Posted by on October 7, 2018

I tried this on my 40lb pit bull/lab mix, and she didn’t chill at all. I’ve experimented with the dosage, and have not had expected results.

Goes a long way in helping

Posted by Nancy M on October 7, 2018

My new dog is a bit nervous when there are guests around. This helps her quite a bit. The only problem is remembering to try to give it to her before people come over.