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Separation anxiety can be overwhelming for our pets, whether we’re gone for 5 days… or 5 minutes. Our animals don’t understand time the way we do. They don’t understand when you say, “I’ll be back in a couple hours”. To them, those couple hours could feel like an eternity or worse, they might think you’re never coming back!

But how do you help them when you aren’t with them? Independence is a simple way to ease separation anxiety and feelings of abandonment when you aren’t there or when they aren’t near other herd or pack members. Independence helps pets by:

  • Allowing them to feel comfortable in their surroundings
  • Releasing their need to cling to you or other people and animals
  • Learn self-reliance and self-nurturing
  • Easing feelings of change when owners leave or if they are undergoing weaning
  • Accepting change in their routines

We can’t always be there for our pets, so help them release the stress and anxiety of separation with Independence. Any animal of any age can benefit from Independence, especially young animals going through weaning.

If you find that your animal is experiencing behavioral challenges associated with separation anxiety, you may also consider pairing Independence with Easy Does It, Mellow Out, and/or Panic Attack.



  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Width: 8 in
  • Depth: 6 in
  • Height: 3 in

1 review

Helped multiple of my animals

Posted by Alison on October 7, 2018

I’ve used this on my dog (who’s a rescue) and my oldest of my two horses.

My dog didn’t used to get seperation anxiety when I left him for periods of time [whether it was travel or just a long day] until I had a medical incident where I didn’t get home from the hospital until 330 in the morning. He would then start fussing, jumping on and off the bed, whimpering, etc. Hasn’t destroyed anything yet (knock on wood). I was away on a trip for a couple days and my pet sitter let me know he had freaked out the first night and I told her to put some of this on his food. I didn’t hear a peep about it for the rest of my trip. And when I came home I went back to putting it in the main water bowl in the house and it seems to have curtailed the behavior a lot.

My oldest horse has gotten a bit herd bound to my youngest; if I even take the youngest out of the pasture to wash him off or work him, the oldest will run around screaming incessantly until I bring the younger one back. Had me worried he was gonna try to bust through the fence or something. So whenever I am going to work them, I put this in their breakfast. It took a couple days, but my oldest gradually every day started getting more and more relaxed about the younger one being taken out. Now he’ll call once every once in a while when I have the younger one out, almost as to say “”ok I’m over here now”” and then goes back to grazing. It may take a couple of days for it to fully die down, but I definitely keep this on hand.