Flower Essences vs. Essential Oils – Essential Differences

We are often asked if our Botanical Animal Flower Essences are the same as essential oils. There are some similarities but they are very different in many ways. Most importantly, flower essences and essential oils have unique healing properties and different methods of administration. It is important to understand the difference between them so you use them safely and get the most benefit for you and your pets. Read on to learn the differences, and how to use Botanical Animal Flower Essences to help relieve emotional and behavioral issues in your pets.

dropper next to flowers
Understanding the difference between Flower Essences and Essential Oils for the health and safety of your animals

Unique Healing Properties

Flower essences are water-based, made only from flowers. They are completely safe for any living being to take, including animals and humans. They are all-natural and help support healing through homeopathic methods. This means that the flower essence is diluted many times over to create their healing benefits.

Essential oils on the other hand are oil-based, and made from the aromatic parts of plants. This means that they are highly fragrant and are often used in perfumes or natural body care products. Essential oils heal through their biochemical properties. Because of this, there are some safety concerns to be mindful of; including their dosage and how to safely combine various essential oils.

The Main Difference

The main difference to note about flower essences and essential oils is how to use them. Flower essences are typically taken internally with an eye dropper. You can take them directly from the dropper, or simply add them to your water bottle (or pet’s water bowl) and sip throughout the day. Essential oils are applied topically or inhaled. You will want to use a carrier oil to dilute essential oils since they are extremely potent and should not be applied directly to the skin without dilution. Another method of essential oil use is diffusing them into the air with a diffuser machine.

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Flower Essences are a natural, homeopathic remedies that help animals achieve emotional and behavioral balance.

Finally, the healing differences are significant. Essential oils are often used for physical healing. For example, you can use them to help knock out a cold or ease congestion. Flower essences promote healing by addressing emotional causes that are leading you or your pet to be ill in the first place. According to the makers of Botanical Animal Flower Essences, “The only time flower essences fail is if we guess wrong as to what the root cause of the issue is. If we think the problem is fear-based and use a remedy geared toward reducing fear, and it turns out to be an anger issue, the fear remedy will not work. I ask everyone to have patience. Essences are not animal-specific, but issue-specific.”

How to Use Botanical Animal Flower Essences

Did you know? Our Botanical Animal Flower Essences are not just for horses and dogs. Many small and large animals benefit from their healing properties. Have a rowdy chicken that needs to Mellow Out? Is your goat not getting along with the herd and needs to reduce his or her Sibling Rivalry? Many of our clients successfully use Botanical Animal Flower Essences on a variety of animals including chickens, llamas, lizards, geese, goats, cats, rabbits and more.

Cat drinking water
Flower Essences are most effective when administered orally however, there are many different applications to help fit into your animals life.

Administering Botanical Flower Essences to your pets is simple. They are most effective when administered orally with a dropper. However, you can add essences to their water bowl and allow them to drink throughout the day. For more tips on administration, check out our tips here. 

If you need help selecting the right flower essence for your pet, we’re here to help! Contact us.

We wish you and your pets the very best health and healing!


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